After Watching Too Much Dora

Staring at the World Map pinned to his bedroom wall … “How do we get to the Purple Planet?”

“We go in a rocket.”

In retrospect, it’s a bit scary that I didn’t even need to pause to consider the answer.

“But HOW do we get there?”

“In a rocket.”

Staring at the map. “But we don’t have any rockets.” Considers this dilemma a bit more. “They are all at the store. Maybe we need to get one.”

“Mmn … definitely.”  Carry on folding laundry. 



2 responses to “After Watching Too Much Dora

  1. I think the little Rocket Scientist might needa a rocket. ;-)

  2. Oh – today he told me he needed “ski things” (skis) from the store to get to the Russian Palace … in same aforesaid Dora DVD.

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