Helping the Babies With Their Underpants

Before Tau gets too big and starts singing tunes that actually make sense, I have to tell you about the nonsense songs. Made up by sticking together bits from songs that he hears once or twice and then more or less forgets.

“Underpants, underpants, under-PANTS!
We’re on our way to help the little babies
with their underpants …”

I think this one comes from the theme to a show called Wonder Pets, which goes like so:

“Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets!
We’re on our way.
To help a friend,
And save the day …”

Underpants. Yes. We sing the underpants song most mornings.


One response to “Helping the Babies With Their Underpants

  1. Well…having watched the video clips, I think it sounds like “underpants” too. You go, Tau!

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