Ha! Better Late Than Never!


We were slack about getting Christmas cards out this year — and so we didn’t. Didn’t even write our usual blah-di-blah-blah holiday letter.

Instead we were crazy busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas and then spent yesterday leisurely opening gifts, cooking and eating way too much food. Dave and I did a delicious Moroccan Lamb Tagine with couscous and two North-African veggie dishes. All with a lovely bottle of British Columbia Blackhills Nota Bene 2005 (thanks Stu-ee), finished off with a apple, pear and berry crumble for dessert.

Our Christmas photo set is here.

We plan to take the rest of the holiday period easy, and do some clearing out of cupboards before the new year starts.

We hope your Christmas was warm, cosy and full of love, and that the coming year brings many happy surprises your way!

Sue, Dave and Tau


One response to “Ha! Better Late Than Never!

  1. Ours was quiet too… Your lamb looks MUCH more interesting than our plain roast….I’m lost in admiration at your (and Dave’s) cooking prowess.
    Remember the first Lasagne you ever made??

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