Reindeer Caught in the Headlights

Yes, that’s our kid in the grey sweater not singing a word. You wouldn’t think he’d been practicing the holiday concert songs for weeks. Or that he’d sung Jingle Bells with great gusto all the way to daycare that morning.

Part of me wanted to stop filming, run over and hold him tight.

The other part thought, “Way too funny — this is one for posterity baby!” and kept going.


2 responses to “Reindeer Caught in the Headlights

  1. OMG .. the best scene is when at 0:23 he gets the bump from the teacher lady …

    Hang in there .. one year ago, when Julius was the same age … he did nothing else but crying the second he saw me and Ritsu! .. so .. just so you know .. it could be worse :) And Tau behaved, not like some other kids I saw at our recital yesterday … poor kids .. performance pressure at THAT age already …

  2. Too funny! Bless him…
    Mind you, it’s better than having your kid take over completely…now that’s embarrassing.

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