Weirdest Request from My Husband … Ever!

As I leave yoga class on Saturday, I dial to return a message from Dave on my phone …

Sue: Hey.

Dave: Hey.

Pleasantries ensue as I’m turning out of the parking lot, heading out to go grocery shopping. We’re having friends around for dinner that night.

Sue: So whatch’you need?

Dave: Do you think you could stop and pick up a bunch of aromatherapy candles?


Stunned silence on my end of the phone.

Turns out, he’d shampoo’d the livingroom carpet the night before and it hadn’t quite dried and the whole downstairs smelled like miffy carpet.


6 responses to “Weirdest Request from My Husband … Ever!

  1. Ha .. and there I was expecting something sassy … :)

    But this is indeed very funny!

    hope it all dries up and kudos for having the carpet clean now :) Big kiss to Tau !

  2. Nothing like having a dinner party with the whiff of wet carpet in the air. Too bad you don’t have a dog you can blame…a wet dog smells just about the same!

  3. And I thought my son was a romantic kind of guy. Love to all.

  4. OMW that was funny!

  5. LOVE the new banner.
    Hang onto those candles, Girl….you never know when the need a romantic ambiance might occur…

  6. Hee hee! I thought maybe he wanted to set the mood.

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