Thrill Seeker

This morning, Tau spotted a picture of people coming down a rollercoaster, hair whipping in the wind, mouths open screaming. And of course, “What it is, Mommy?” and “Why?”

And now I’ve learned the shortest path to a satisfactory answer.


So when we got downstairs for breakfast, I plopped him in front of the computer with his Raisin Bran and played a selection of home-made rollercoaster movies.

The first few freaked him out a bit with people screaming and the loud racket of the cars on the tracks, so I searched “rollercoaster kids” instead and found some dragon-shaped coasters on gently undulating tracks with happy music and kids smiling.

He watched them for a while, and when I clicked on more of the same, he said after a few seconds, “Mommy, I don’t like this one … is got music … I like to have one wif screaming!”


2 responses to “Thrill Seeker

  1. YouTube is the best thing since sliced bread, isn’t it???

  2. You tube as an educational tool. Ha!

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