The Circus is Coming to Town

One of the not-so-thrilling aspects of living in Southern California is dealing with termite infestation in our wood-framed homes.

Our townhouse development (about 250 units in all) is being fumigated this month, which means double-bagging all our food and medicines, moving all our houseplants out into the yard, packing up everything we need for work and daycare, and moving out for three days while our home is tented.

We’ll be living it up in a local budget motel — watching junk TV, eating out and swimming in the hotel pool.

With all the packing, living out of bags and then unpacking again later in the week, I think I’m going to take a little holiday from blogging. Our hotel has wireless Internet access but I think we’re going to take those three days to just hang out!

See you all next week!


One response to “The Circus is Coming to Town

  1. Hi Sue! We feel for you guys. At least when you get back, your home will be termite free! Just wanted to leave a message as I just really enjoy visiting your site. Take care and hope to see you guys soon when you get back in the routine!!!

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