Starting to Talk About Important Stuff

We live in the big world of WHY at the moment. And, frustrating as it is, it leads to some very important conversations. Like this one, as we crossed the Target parking lot Sunday afternoon. Tau stopped dead in his tracks, staring at a man passing us.

“Mommy … what that man got?”

“I dunno honey.” I’m watching for cars.

“That man gotta puffer.”

I turn to look at the man for the first time. “Oh. It’s not a puffer …” (whatever a puffer may be) “It’s called a cigarette.”


“Yes, cigarette.”


Sigh. “It’s a little stick and it has smoke inside it and the man sucks the smoke into his mouth and then he blows it out again.” Surely this is enough information for a two-year-old.


“Because he likes to suck in the smoke and blow it out again. ” Better add a lesson in here. “But Mom and Dad don’t like cigarettes. We don’t like to have cigarettes.”


“Because they taste yucky … and they make your body very, very sick. And then you need to go to the hospital.”

“Why the man gotta cig-wet?” Good question.

“Because he likes the taste of the smoke. But Mom and Dad don’t like it — it’s yukky and it tastes bad.”

“WHY it tastes yukky?”

And then, thankfully, we entered the store and the well-placed juice bar and dollar bins caught his attention, and he was all “I NEEDA juice box Mommy.”


3 responses to “Starting to Talk About Important Stuff

  1. Well played, Mama:)

  2. Never forget the Mommy’s age-old response to the question, “Why?”
    “Because I said so!”

  3. Hee hee, glad he forgot about it quickly!

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