Ten Days on Vancouver Island

Victoria - May 08 Set on Flickr

This is way long overdue … but we’ve had visitors and a sick kid.

So. About our trip to Canada. We travelled up together, leaving Dave at a conference in Seattle, while Tau and I flew on to Victoria, where we stayed with Dave’s Mom and Dad.

We spent time visiting the extended family and exploring new aspects of our old stomping grounds … those that appeal to a two-year-old — the petting zoo at Beacon Hill Park, the Bug Zoo, feeding fish to the seals at the marina.

We also spent three days up at Dave’s parents’ cottage further up the island at Saltair.

Aside from visiting family, Dave and I also got to have a quick lunch (on our own) at our favourite restaurant. And a leisurely brunch on the patio of another favourite — again on our own while Tau played with his grandparents and cousins, a treat we don’t often get living away from everyone!

Here are a bunch of pics on our Flickr account.


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