Mr. Thoughtful

Tau with Kai\'s dolphin squirter

Before we tell you about our trip to Canada, I wanted to tell you what our boy — yes, that cheeky one in the picture above — did the other night.

I was soaking in the tub while Dave got him ready for bed. “Go and say goodnight to Mommy. Quickly …”

So he comes into the bathroom with a big grin, “Night, Mommy …” Then his forehead wrinkles up and he disappears out the door again. I hear him running to our bedroom, shouting, “You NEEDA book …”


He comes back, carrying the library book from next to my bed, Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott. “You needa a book, Mommy. You reada a book inna bathtub!”

And off he saunters to bed, very chuffed with himself!


2 responses to “Mr. Thoughtful

  1. How considerate!! Tau looks so grown up in that pic… not a baby anymore…a real little boy.

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