Probably a Genetic Marker for This

Today I bought Tau his first set of kiddie scissors.  We spent lots of time practicing and when I was confident he understood how to cut the paper and not his fingers, I let him go at it.

So I’m in the kitchen and I hear mutter, mutter, mutter coming from around the corner.

“What’s that Tau?”

“I cutta the carpet!”

The cream nouveau shag that looks like mini-noodles. Could have bet big money on that.


5 responses to “Probably a Genetic Marker for This

  1. I never imagined that our kids would be lopping off their own hair when left alone for 3.5 seconds with kiddie scissors.

    Although on the bright side – hair, unlike cream nouveau shag carpeting, will grow back!!

  2. Little monkey!
    We’ve all been there!

  3. Watch those African wall hangings they may need a trim soon!

  4. Oh man oh man. NOT good. I think my mom was thankful it took me until first grade to learn how to cut. Mainly because I’m left-handed and those scissors stink.

  5. oh, my mom remembers cutting her EYELASHES. I shudder just to think of it.

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