Brr … and Time to Catch Up!


So as I mentioned, most of my blogging energy is going into my new site (those of you who haven’t seen it, let me know and I’ll send you the URL). That means not much nobaddays-ing these days.

But I did want to touch base on a couple points.

  1. It snowed in San Diego County yesterday. Yes. Snowed. And it was cold and windy. I had to wear a sweater. And run to my car. And turn on the heat. Yuk!
  2. This week I started a three-month tech-writing contract with a small software company here in San Diego. For the techies: They develop a media-hosting/social-networking platform that fits seamlessly into their customers’ websites. Think YouTube but higher-quality and for the corporate media market. Online newspaper and TV sites. That sort of thing. I’ll be documenting their admin tool. Love being at a small start up again … fun product, fun people. And I really love that I’m only working four days a week and 20 minutes from home!
  3. Dave and I celebrated our seventeenth anniversary last week. See pics of the yummy dinner I made on Flickr to the right.
  4. And yes, my fortieth is coming up this leap year’s day. We plan to be away that weekend, so family if we could talk the weekend before or after, that would be grand.
  5. I hoped to post about New Zealand the whole month of January but didn’t get around to doing that, did I? Dave stepped in admirably with posts on wine and coffee but I had planned to tell you all about our travels there. So many posts still sitting on the shelves of my mind. Time to clear them out but with the new job and a bunch of other things I want to get done around the house in Feb and March, I don’t think that’s going to happen. So please make do with taking another look at our pics. I think they capture just how lovely and relaxing our visit was!
  6. Finally, belated happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We kinda skip over it here at Casa Nobaddays but Tau apparently did quite well — he came home with a goodie bag stuffed with candy and cards from his classmates. All along the lines of this one last year.

That’s all she wrote for now!


3 responses to “Brr … and Time to Catch Up!

  1. Happy anniversary and Happy Valentines – we had snow too – but we’re supposed to I guess…

  2. Your birthday is Feb. 29? That is so cool!

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