Haka Face

Haka Face

Tau has some pretty strong memories of New Zealand.

“Who did we visit in New Zealand, Tau?”

AJ-Julie … Jaimey-Mitch?”

“And what was the dog’s name?”

“JAPPA!” (their chocolate lab, Jasper)

“And the cats?”

“Tormie and ‘fasa?” (the Persians, Storm and Mufasa)

“And the other dogs we saw in Nelson? Sam and?”

“Sam ‘n ZOE!”

And on the subject of indigenous culture …

“And what did the ladies do with their hands at the dancing?”

This one takes a bit of coaxing but eventually he’ll do the soft hand vibrations Maori women do when they dance and sing, and then elaborate. “An’ the ladies … dancing with the white balls … and the sticks …” he tells us.

Yes, the ladies danced with the white balls and sticks. He sat on AJ’s lap — motionless, just soaking it all in — the full half hour of the performance.

“And what about haka, Tau?”

Sticks out his tongue and bugs out his eyes … “WHAAAA!” I tried to get a good picture but he didn’t want to perform for the camera!

The haka is a definite favorite on You Tube at the moment. The other day, Dave caught him, wandering around the house, muttering Ka Mate under his breath.


2 responses to “Haka Face

  1. What ?? No hongi ????

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