Number Three?

We wouldn’t normally post the contents of our kid’s nappy on the Internet but this has to be seen to be believed.

When we got home today from daycare, I checked his diaper by peering down the back of it, only to see a few small wood chips.

The two-year-old class playground at daycare has a fabulous pit filled with wood chips and diggers and dump trucks and such. Tau often comes home with chips in his hoodie or pockets.

So I thought to myself, “Hmn. That can’t be very comfy. Better change him, or at least remove the offending particles.” And opened the diaper to find …

Click to enlarge


4 responses to “Number Three?

  1. that is hilarious. really hilarious.

  2. Oh you’re kidding me !lol

  3. TOO funny! I’m actually relieved that’s ALL that you found…I looked with one eye open and my nose pinched. Whew! Guess as a parent, we’ve seen worse, haven’t we!?!

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