Sure Hit

Bat and Ball

Three days we’ve been back at daycare (only a few hours each morning, I might add) and already Tau has a runny nose streaming, no-holds-barred cold. Bah.

Silver linings:

  1. Being away the whole month of December, we figure we’ve missed at least half of the worst of the cold and flu season. Figure.
  2. Being sick today, he took a nap this afternoon. Which gave me time to do housework. Quite the novelty.
  3. Transition back into daycare has been super smooth. Is it that he’s just that little bit older and more resilient? Or that he knows I pick him up at lunch time and we get to play all afternoon?

And speaking of play, Tau and I went out to buy his first bat and ball set yesterday.

He has been hitting balloons and balls with sticks and ferry boats for weeks now and battling to connect. I figured a toddler bat would give him a better chance of actually hitting the ball.

Well, Nanny left dollars to buy him something he needed and as luck would have it, we found the perfect set yesterday. Actually, it was a toss up between the Go, Diego, Go! set and the Spiderman set. But once the boy saw Spidey, poor Diego was banished back to the shelf.

Needless to say, he fell asleep with the bat and ball tucked under the blankets with him last night. (Added Friday: And of course it had to come to daycare this morning.)


One response to “Sure Hit

  1. and that is indeed one cool bat and ball.

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