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Riding the Train

Getting ready to ride the neighborhood train
(Tau with A. Mary and Mom in foreground)

We have been busy these past ten days visiting with Dave’s Mom (aka Nanny) and his Aunt Mary, who has been visiting with Dave’s folks in Canada over the holidays.

As always, it was wonderful to have them in San Diego. So great for Tau to have time with his nanny and wonderful for us to have other grown ups in the house. What? You want to read NOW? Go see if Aunty Mary’s awake … she loves reading digger books at 7:00 a.m. ...

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best — we had a storm move through that meant three days of grey and rain. So those days, we took them shopping and down to our favorite dessert place, Extraordinary Desserts.

Extraordinary Desserts

On the sunny days (and we’ve had a few hot ones recently), we went down to the beach and to various parks. Mom and Aunty Mary also ventured out on their own, spending a day exploring greater downtown SD on Old Town Trolley Tours.

And Tau had a great time, playing trains and bat-and-ball with two ever ready volunteers.

As an aside, his behavior since we have been back from New Zealand has been — how to put this? — uh, challenging? Downright hyper, lippy, naughty and generally all over the place. We’ve had the hardest time getting him to nap and sleep.

Putting it in perspective, he did spend the month of December sleeping in about 8 different beds, and his schedule and body clock were all out of whack. But we also put it down to being well into the terrible twos, a prolonged bout of molar teething, and not being in full-time daycare and therefore not nearly as stimulated (read: wiped out) by nap time.

Finally, two days ago, I gave up — “That’s IT! NO NAP THEN!” And he didn’t. Hasn’t napped for three days now. Last night, he came to Dave at around 6:00 p.m. and said, “Want to go to sleep …” And we’ve had absolutely no trouble getting him to sleep — grin!

He starts back at daycare next week (mornings only ’til I go back to work), so hopefully they’ll run him ragged and he’ll go back to napping in the afternoons for a bit.

And since Nanny and Aunty Mary left and we cut out his nap, he has totally calmed down — I guess kids know when they can get away with wild behavior. As in when they have the attention of four doting adults.

We were sad to see Mom and Aunty Mary go (so nice to have family visit) but hope to travel to see our extended Canadian family later this year.

By the way, I have also been busy since we returned working on my other blogging project, which I hope to launch in the coming months. Very excited about that!

But we still have lots to tell you about our trip to New Zealand … and so, back to more of that this week!


2 responses to “Back to Our Regular Programming …

  1. Aha, I knew we were friends for a reason … MMMmm, Extraordinary Deserts!!!! :)

  2. omg, I want to lick my monitor.

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