Home from the Land of the Long White Cloud

Matauri Bay Beach

Perfect day on the beach at Matauri Bay, Northland  


We flew home from New Zealand the evening of December 26th and flew into Los Angeles around lunch time the afternoon of December 26th. No, I’m not suffering from jetlag — it’s all about the international date line!  

We had an absolutely fabulous three weeks in the land of the long white cloud. Spent much of our time with my brother AJ and his family but also did two trips — one to Nelson-Tasman on the northern tip of the South Island and one to Paihia and surrounds on the northern tip of the North Island. We also spent a relaxing two days with AJ and Julie up at their new bach on Omaha Beach, just an hour north of Auckland. 

New Zealand is a fascinating country and we have LOTS to tell. So much in fact that I’ll probably spend much of the month of January posting on NZ-related topics.

But in the mean time, I’d like to point you to a set of our holiday pics on Flickr. I’m without my favorite photo-shrinking and editing software, so photos are posted in full res and without any cropping or editing. C’est la vie! Apologies to those of you with slow Internet access! Also, some are pretty fuzzy — holding out on replacing the camera ’til some time next year.

Click on the mosaic below to view the set in sequence. Once you’ve done that, clicking on the individual pics in our photostream will show the title for each, which should give you a hint as to who’s who and what’s what.


NZ Set


2 responses to “Home from the Land of the Long White Cloud

  1. Sue, those were AWESOME photos! Now I am REALLY dying to go! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Great pics guys, Vicki and I have been checking them out over the last few weeks that you have been posting them. We hadn’t checked out the blog in a while so we were surprised to read about Sue leaving her job! Congratulations! Speaking from someone who used to commute about 5 minutes to work and now commutes about 20 I can not imagine losing 2 hours a day to driving! Tau is looking like quite the little man – keeping you on your toes – that is quite the injury report. I hadn’t thought of using 5 little monkeys as a life lesson. Glad to hear you had a good time in NZ.


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