The Big Boy Bed

The Big Boy Bed

After our recent crib-jumping escapade we decided it was time to move Tau to a toddler bed.

So, after hunting the Internet high and low, we decided on the KidKraft Modern Toddler Cot because it could take Tau’s existing crib mattress and looked to be the lowest to the ground of all the beds we saw.

As Tau watched Dave assembling it, we talked about the new BIG BOY BED (!) and how wonderful it was and how he didn’t have to sleep in the crib anymore because that was for tiny babies.

Quite sweet and gullible, our child. He has taken remarkably well to sleeping in the bed and has only slipped onto the floor once in the month or so that we’ve had it. Dave found him, still wrapped perfectly in his blankets, on the floor in the middle of the night.

He does push his luck some nights by getting out of bed before he falls asleep and walking to peer over the railing to see what we’re watching on TV. But generally, a firm “Get back in your bed, NOW! please …” sends him back under the covers.

Safari Sheets

In addition to the yellow sheets I originally made for the bed, I bought a cute Safari fitted sheet from Target to match the Safari monkey pillow and lamp already in his room.

Safari Lamp and the Lions

Had to move the lamp up high recently when Tau burned his hand on it. He decided it would be a good idea to touch the light bulb to see whether Mom was right when she said it was “HOT, Tau! Don’t touch!”

And so begins knowledge of the fact that Mom is usually (always?) right.

Oh, and in case anyone is planning on sending Tau a lion for Christmas? A subtle hint in the picture above. Let’s just say the zoos and wildlife preserves of the world have been calling, requesting the return of their beasties.


4 responses to “The Big Boy Bed

  1. What a beautiful bedroom! The wall color’s gorgeous, and the new furniture is adorable! I don’t know how I’m going to get Molly to sleep alone. She already has her own (railed) adult bed. Maybe get her some brand new fancy big girl bedding or a canopy or somesuch:)

  2. I love the bedroom and the bed is really cool. We still have a while to go before our little one needs a cotbed though, right now she is as snug as a bug sleeping in ours!!!

  3. Just catching up – totally jealous of New Zealand!! Also, wanted to thank you for posting about the bed – we need something for Rooster and this might be just the thing!

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