Because Perhaps One Day He’d Like to Date Dora?

One night last week Tau and I are snuggling on his bed before sleepytime, reading Five Little Monkeys.

This book works, by the way. All of a sudden our kid knows that jumping on the bed is a BAD BAD thing. The monkeys? They get owies when they jump on the bed. The fact that Tau cut open his head and had to have his arm in a cast for two weeks, even though we told him repeatedly not to jump on chairs and beds, means nothing. But NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!? Apparently that works.

So we turn to the first page where the five little monkeys are all sweetly tucked into the one big bed by their mama.

“Look at all the baby monkeys Tau. Let’s count them … one …”

“Uno! Dos! Tres! …” Quick little finger stabbing the page. “Cuatro! Cinco! Seis!* …”

This boy, he can count in English to around 14 — the number of steps between our downstairs and upstairs floors at home — and to roughly diez en Español. But I thought it was cute that his first instinct was to count in Spanish!

* Usually counts to more than necessary for the number of objects.


One response to “Because Perhaps One Day He’d Like to Date Dora?

  1. That is so great! He is going to have a great command of Spanish at this rate!

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