The Only Reason I’m Not NaBloPoMo’ing*




Because I’d so love to, really I would. And I like to think I could come up with something delicious every day of November. But truthfully, my mind is elsewhere. Somewhere new and exciting.

For the last I-shudder-to-tell-you-how-many months I’ve been dreaming up a new venture. A nichey social networking blog for South-African women, both in the old country and living all around the world. A site that brings the sweets of the Internet to South-African women and a bit of Southern Africa to the rest of the world. You like the idea?

It’s been slow and painful at times. I’m no graphic artist or web designer but I can poke my way around PhotoShop and cascading style sheets when I have to. And truth be told, mucking around with web stuff is one of my favorite things to do. As you know, there’s not a whole lot of free time in our household, so most of it has been done in little bursts of effort. Half an hour here, 15 minutes there. Baby blogging steps that finally get you there.

So, yes, slow and painful but also a lot of grinning when I get stuff right. Figure out how to make something automagically appear in the right spot.

Why this? Why now?

Those of you who know me well know I’m not a when-we.** We don’t frequent South-African expat clubs and we try to make the best of things wherever we happen to be living. That said, if there’s one thing I learned doing a writing degree, it’s to write what you know. And this? My experience as a South-African woman who has lived for nearly 18 years in other countries, is what I know more than anything. Couple that with an interest in world culture and technology and new media, and this new venture (itching to tell you the name but I can’t) seemed like a really cool thing to tackle.

And fun. I could do with a bit more frivolous fun.

When the time comes (the design is not quite done yet), I’ll probably let those of you who are interested know by email. On second thoughts, trust me, I’ll be hitting you up to send out the link to every South African (and anyone who’s ever expressed an interest in that country) that you know.

But I won’t be talking about it a lot here on the personal blog — I’d like to keep the two separate, for a while anyway.

Not much else to tell at this stage, except that I’m looking foward to the design phase being done, so that I can move on to marketing and starting to add content … and actually blogging it day to day! NaBloPoMo, only starting a bit later!


*NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month
**When-we: Common term for a South-African expat who always waxes lyrical on the “good old days” … “When we were in SA …. blah, blah, blah.” The beer was better, the tomato sauce was less salty, the banking service was more efficient, etc.



4 responses to “The Only Reason I’m Not NaBloPoMo’ing*

  1. It sounds like an exciting venture. Wishing you an easy process~!

  2. Can you sell those “Chockit” cookies from S. Africa online? Dayum, how I miss them from my travels there!

  3. Fabulous! I’m sending this to my friend Morag. She is a South African expat and is brilliant.

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