Tuesday a.m. – Moving On

We are checking out of our hotel to go and stay for a while with our friends James and Vix in an area called Pacific Beach.

Erika and Tad, thanks for the offer to stay at your place but we figure that if we go to PB, we can’t go any further West — they are literally blocks from the beach.

If nothing else, this gives our families the peace of mind that we are TOTALLY safe and will not need to move again until we can hopefully go home.

James and Vix are about 10 miles away and the roads are good. They may be out this morning. If so, we’ll take Tau to the beach for a bit of normality. It may be tonight before we can update you all again.


2 responses to “Tuesday a.m. – Moving On

  1. It’s comforting, at least psychologically, to be at the beach during wildfires…

  2. Glad you are all okay. We left Carmel Valley Monday at 11am and are staying in Ocean Beach with friends. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get home tomorrow, but who knows?
    Take care!

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