Update for Our Families

This post is mostly for our families. We are still safe. They have evacuated an area a bit North of where we are staying because they expect one of the fires to burn along one of the canyons and through almost to the coast.

We are watching updates on the news and if it comes to us needing to leave again to go South, we will do so well in advance. We have offers to stay with two sets of friends that are well out of the way of the fire.

We have wireless access in our hotel room and brought a laptop with us, hence the update ;-) Again, please don’t call; we are fine. If you don’t hear from us, please assume we are OK. We will contact you if we need to move.

Access to the following two web sites is a bit slow, as many locals are checking them constantly, but they do provide up-to-date info. Please wait a while before trying to access them.


If you hear of homes having burned in Poway, please don’t assume ours is gone. We live in the very urban area of the city and only evacuated to avoid any possible traffic jams. Most of the houses that have burned in Poway are on the NE more rural outskirts, where there are a lot of smallholdings and fancy estates.


Sue, Dave and Tau

PS: We are grateful for Playdoh, the Dinosaur book and the Chili’s restaurant just next to our hotel :-)


3 responses to “Update for Our Families

  1. Yay for Playdoh and for Chili’s!!! I’m glad to hear that you are safe. Evacuation to avoid traffic is very smart although I hope the air quality is a little better in Sorento Valley, too.

    Take care.

  2. Hambani gahle.
    We are with you in thought and prayer.
    Love you all lots

  3. glad to hear that you made an early move and you gusy are safe .. better safe then sorry .. we did that once in New Orleans .. storm warning .. we just tried to outrun the storm . and gladly it was not Katrina ..

    Hope you can soon get back into your home and thinsg will get back to normal

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