If You Say So

At the door this morning. “Tau, wait! Mommy needs to put on her shoes … uh, boots …”

Turns around, staring at my boots for the first time because the new word (it’s only just cool enough to consider wearing boots) … the NEW WORD! … has alerted him to something that needs to be examined, explored, filed away in his little Rolodex of comprehension.

Tugging them on, showing him the zippers. “These are Mommy’s boots.”


“No … boo-ts. Boots.”



With certainty: “Boobs.”

“OK dude …” Can’t beat ’em join ’em. “If you say so!”

Mommy’s boobs. On her feet.*


* If I was Jessica at OTJs, I’d be breaking out my Photoshop skeelz right about now.


2 responses to “If You Say So

  1. My boo-bz touch my boo-tz, so in my house it’d be the same anyway.

  2. Glad we made the distinction of calling one thing boots and the other thing boobies :) (and taught him not to use one of those in public)

    phonetics are phun !!!

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