Working Playdoh, eating dinner and wrestling a rubber snake. All with one hand. The other, after seeing the orthopedic specialist after Saturday’s fun and games, is now in a dark blue fibreglass cast.

Tau in fibreglass cast


4 responses to “Multitasking

  1. sure isn’t slowing him down :) Perseverence *can* be a good trait …. (sometimes…)

  2. Takes after his granny!!!!
    I can do several things at the same time too!!!
    Cough, sneeze….etc…etc…

  3. We used to have that seat. THAT was the greatest seat and forever I gave it as baby gifts because truly, a traveling highchair that folds up, is ALL THAT.

    Sorry about the bumps and bruises, but man can kids do what they want to do WHEN they want to do it!

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