Monkey See, Monkey Do …

Nap with splint

… monkey get into trouble too.

Guess who’s been trying to climb out of his crib? At nap time yesterday, Dave and I lowered his crib side and gave Tau a very serious lesson on climbing out of his crib carefully. He’s tall enough to lie on his tummy, swing both legs over the crib side and slide down backwards ’til his feet touch the floor. We practiced over and over again and then Dave went out to the hardware store and to get a haircut.

Instead of just putting him in his crib and leaving, I practiced the getting-out routine again with him and then told him (again!) that it was time for his nap and tucked him in. By this stage, he was silly-tired, if you know what I mean, so I lingered in his room, tidying out his clothes drawer and filing books back on his shelves. The side of the crib being down was clearly a novelty and every time he tried to climb out, I made him lie down and tucked him in again, told him it was time to go to sleep.

As he started settling down, I turned (not two steps away, I swear) to move a pile of too-small clothes from the floor to a chair so that I could fold them. And then I turned back to see if he was getting drowsy … just in time to see him launch himself over the side of the crib, fly through the air and hit the carpet, face and then chest first. Thud.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You can imagine.

Surprisingly, after all the tears and wailing, there was no blood and no swelling. Just a limp-limbed little monkey, clearly exhausted and in a bit of shock. He fell asleep, snuggled on my chest and arms around my neck, about five minutes after the fall.

When he woke up two hours later, he was whimpering and clearly sore. Dave and I questioned, poked and prodded, and narrowed the source of the “owie” to somewhere in his left elbow or wrist. But apart from favoring the arm and niggling when he tried to put weight on it, his mood was good, so after icing it for a half hour or so, we decided to just watch him overnight.

This morning Tau woke up grumpy and crying, so after breakfast, I took him into the local urgent care clinic where they took x-rays and diagnosed a slightly fractured radius at his left wrist. A relief in a way because he didn’t flinch or say a word as the yady (doctor) poked and prodded. Making a liar of his mother in doctor’s offices is a favorite past time.

See the fuzzy area and the horizontal lines in the blue box below? The doctor likened it to a ding in a car’s bumper. And then another yady (a nurse that I recognized from previous urgent-care visits) fitted him with a splint to immobilize the joint until we can get him checked out by an orthopedic specialist.

Not much else to add except to say, those of you who predicted we’d see the inside of the ER again soon? Thanks. Thanks a lot!

X-ray of Fracture


4 responses to “Monkey See, Monkey Do …

  1. We’re surprised you two haven’t been charged with child abuse as these days big brother is always watching. Do hope though that this is the last of Tau’s accidents.
    Much love M & D

  2. So glad nothing bigger happened .. and that you have an ER close by … my biggest fear is always that IF something like that would happen (knock knock knock) .. I still have pretty much no idea where to go, and what to say there …

    Hope Tau is getting better soon and looks like the little trooper is not too bugged by wearing the splint

  3. Oh my poor battered little Angel!!
    Bless him…
    As I said….”First name terms….”
    Lots of love and strong hugs…

  4. They are so fearless at this age. Kyle isn’t tall enough yet to crawl out of his crib but he’s taken a few falls off our couch. Their little bodies bounce back so fast. Take care Tau!!

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