Tau with Ms Jen

Tau and toddler teacher Ms. Jen

Today was Tau’s last day in the toddler room at daycare. Next week, after his second birthday, he’ll move in with the “big kids” in the two-year-old classroom.

He has been visiting there this past week and when we go to pick him up, he drags us around by the arm, giving us the tour.

The two-year-old classroom has a BIG room (with way cool books and lifelike “dino-nors”) and a BIG playground (with BIKES! and a BIG slide! and a BIG climbing structure! and a wood-chip SAND BOX! with a new-to-him PLAYHOUSE! on it). Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!

Wonder of all wonders, the two-year-old class also has a BIG potty (regular-sized toilet with a step stool) and a chart on the door with all the kids’ names and green stars for potty attempts and blue stars for potty successes. And we’re all for anything that makes potty training easier at home!

Best of all, the two-year-old classroom has a working water fountain and when you press it — you guessed it — a BIG arc of water shoots through the air and you can catch it in your MOUTH! I don’t think the daycare center realizes how much their water bill is about to skyrocket!

All said, though, we are sad to be leaving Ms. Jen. Things have been up and down in the toddler room over the past couple months and Ms. Jen came in and provided much needed stability and genuine, mommy warmth. His new lead teacher Ms. Dani assures us that he will hold his own due to his size but it is always hard to see your kid move into a class where he is the youngest. And it will be a while before the new teachers learn all his little foibles.

The birthday will be low key. We figure this is the last year we can dodge having a kid’s party. As it happens, on Sunday we’re having a bunch of friends over after the annual community bike ride in our neighborhood, so we will have a BBQ and beer and cake. But not too much fuss.

Today, instead of taking in cupcakes for Tau’s birthday (you are only allowed to take in the store-bought kind and I couldn’t find any that weren’t loaded with sugary frosting), I took in a bottle of blowing bubbles for each of Tau’s toddler friends. Oh to have been a fly on the wall at that bubble frenzy!

And like all good blogging mommies, I will do a birthday post. Because really, not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could capture it in detail before it’s over, that I don’t wish I could just automatically download all of the astounding moments we have with this child directly into the computer, without missing a thing. So that one day he will have some sense of how much we have enjoyed raising him.


One response to “Graduating

  1. Oh bless him….our toddler is now a Big Boy.
    Happy birthday my little Angel.

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