What Dat?

What dat?

Larger image here on Flickr.

Yesterday we had our first rain in months. Many months. So many months that Tau didn’t know what it was.

We ran outside together and stood in the rain, then ran undercover and watched the big drops fall, then rain out into the rain for a few more seconds, Tau gasping as each drop hit his head.

Eventually I coaxed him inside. OK, picked him up bodily and carried him in kicking and screaming. He pulled a chair over to the window so that he could sit and watch the rain dripping off the outdoor umbrella, falling to the ground.

How do you explain rain to a two-year-old? Water, in the clouds, up high. Falling down, down, down on the ground. The best I could do.


2 responses to “What Dat?

  1. awww. love it.

    and know the feeling. we get so little rain here too. I miss it sometimes.

  2. I can’t imagine having that problem here. In BC it’s summer is about trying to go one week without rain. Hard to forget what it is.

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