So Ask Me …

… why I have three watering cans on the front passenger seat of my car.

Because they had to come in the car with us to daycare. Again.

And, brilliantly devious mother that I am, I managed to whisk them out of his grasp with a cheery, “All done cans! Say, ‘Bye-bye watering cans — we’ll see you tonight’!” just as we pulled up in the daycare parking lot.

He fell for it, so I avoided tug-of-warring with a toddler in front of all the other parents arriving at daycare.

Not to mention having to walk into the classroom with three watering cans in tow, as we did yesterday with a large white kitchen ladle. He clearly won that round. You could see it on his face — strutting around the room, ladle in hand, clearly taunting the other kids, “Look what I got y’all … something you’ve never seen. See? It’s new and it’s MINE — from MY house!”

Clearly we are attached to arbitrary domestic objects at the moment.


3 responses to “So Ask Me …

  1. For us it was two tin cans meant for the recycling bin.

    You and me and the joys make three.

  2. I love it. We still have that fight all the time. Now it’s Declan’s spray bottle.

  3. I wouldn’t dream of asking!!
    It reminds me of a little blond girl who HAD to take her small brown suitcase of dolls clothes (no doll) wherever we went….Also of a little brown-eyed boy who took the doll’s blanket (no doll) wherever we went…..
    Do you see a pattern here??

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