Playing Chess

By 8:30 this morning it was already 85 degrees F (29 C). Dave had planned to be out cycling all morning and there was no way I was going to stay in the house, with our so-so AC unit, ’til he got home. So Tau and I headed out to do some clothes shopping with the benefit of commercial-grade air conditioning.

Once Tau’s tolerance for fitting rooms and being in shopping carts wore thin, we left the stores — “Mama, HOT!” as we walked out of Mervyn’s into the oven of the outdoors — and wandered into a nearby coffee shop for lunch. This coffee shop used to have a great train table for kids — but alas, no longer. They did however have a chess set, which kept him occupied for ages.

By the time we braved the outdoors again, the temp had risen to 105 F (40 C). Needless to say we rushed straight home and cranked the AC!


One response to “H-O-T

  1. We’re still hot during the day, but night feels like FALL for sure!

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