Before He Asks for the Keys to the Car …

Tau’s Baby Book

… I thought it best to get his baby book done.

And you know those long, flat Rubbermaid containers? The kind you store gift wrap or sweaters in under the bed? I had one of those FULL of baby memorabilia. Everything from receipts for hospital meals to extra passport photos taken at two weeks old for our trip to South Africa.

I had visions of having to buy a second album to fit it all in. “You wanna see my kid’s baby book? Oh … take a seat. Here … oof! And here … oof! Well, let’s put that second volume on the floor then. We’ll take a break for dinner in between the two.”

Actually, it ended up being not quite that bad. I managed to get it all in the one album, and have it look nice without being cluttered and overdone. Not a big fan of the over-the-top scrapbooky look. You know what I mean. One cropped photo and about three tons of layered paper, ribbon and swirly doodads on each page. Wanted to avoid that.

At first I was daunted at the prospect of getting the whole book done because our weeks don’t allow much time for big projects like this. But I decided that I’d start with baby steps (groan) and just get a little done each evening. Lo and behold it only took a week or two of evenings in front of whatever movie or series we were watching and it was done. That and I made an effort not to sweat the small details or expect it to be perfect.

So. A few notes before I send you to take a look. There is something up with our camera. The focus is whacked and even though I had the camera balanced on a sturdy pile of books, the pics are still fuzzy. And then our home computer died and we’re in the process of rebuilding it … so no PhotoShop to make things better.

That said, in this case, I’d rather share dodgy pics than none at all. Because I’m pretty pleased with how the album turned out, and I thought you’d all like to share in our son’s supreme cuteness as a babe.

Enjoy … here is the set on Flickr!


4 responses to “Before He Asks for the Keys to the Car …

  1. Wow .. what a project … and well done …

    I am still thinking that some day I will proof read all blog entries .. pay someone to print it all out and file it nicely … that will be like 2 trees used for pages … darn .. our kids are too well documented .. and what with the videos ??

  2. There are some print-on-demand services that will turn your blog into a book … or in your case a set of volumes ;-) Check out

  3. LOVELY!!
    But then you always do lovely job…
    Look at the stock!!!

  4. Sue, it’s just awesome.

    And P.S. I make PDFs of all my blog months as backups.

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