Twenty-Two-Month Anecdotes

Posted by Dave

A. Boo, A. Joy and Gran

L to R: Aunty Boo, Aunty Joy, and Gran

1. It’s no longer safe to move the paper recycling from the large African basket in the kitchen to our recycling blue box in the garage without checking the contents. Last week it contained two cans of salsa verde (green salsa) and a tennis ball — in with all the paper to be recycled.

2. The exact same evening, I find a certain 22-month-old’s juice cup, with juice, in the cutlery drawer.

3. Last week to calm the screaming 22-month-old down, we all step outside onto our quiet patio to say hello to the stars and moon. Over the fence we hear a group of (likely) 22-year-olds joking and messing around with each other, liberally using the F-word, on the way to their car. The 22-month-old stops mid-tantrum and mutters, “Kids!”

4. And later that same week, as we pass by the black-and-white family pictures on the way up the stairs, he spots the photo shown above of Sue’s 91-year-old gran with her sisters when they were little. “Kids!” says the 22-month-old.

5. I am told by the daycare teachers that he has grown 3 inches … since May. He barely fits on the change table at daycare and can reach up and grab the fire-alarm lever while having his diaper changed. Great.

6. The 22-month old is known affectionately as Taco at daycare. This goes back to when he was wrapped tightly as an infant in his sleeping blanket. One of the teachers, Gaby, still calls him Taco. Nothing to our young man to turn it on her. Even though he clearly knows her name, if you ask him what he calls Miss Gaby, he’ll tell you “Taco” with a big, warm smile. Apparently this has caused enough amusement among the other teachers that they now stop by the toddler room to elicit the response from him.


One response to “Twenty-Two-Month Anecdotes

  1. What a seriously cute age.

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