File Under: Battles Not Worth Fighting

Both garden watering cans had to be on the tray table, with the food and the juice, while he was eating.

Update: Wanted them in the car with him on the way to daycare this morning also.

Dinner Time


6 responses to “File Under: Battles Not Worth Fighting

  1. meetingeverywhere

    Hello, Sue. Thanks for checking in on The Buddha Diaries, and for your note. Good to meet you… Peter

  2. That is one crowded table!

    But cute!

  3. Hilarious! Future gardener?

  4. um… ’cause you can never have too many watering cans??

  5. From time to time I have “The Toby Jugs” to lunch…why not “The Watering Cans”??

  6. Totally with ya. For us, it was always her crib mirror. Then it became cups. Now she needs every utensil she can see…

    Watering cans, no problem!

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