Two Right Feet

Dancing is a BIG thing at daycare. Often when I drop Tau off or Dave picks him up, the music is cranked, the kids are tricked out in floppy hats, sunglasses and all kinds of dress-up gear, and they are getting down! A big favorite is Disney Radio’s Move It! CD, especially the Cha-Cha Slide song (check out the sound clips on the Amazon page).

That my 22-month-old knows what a cha cha is (well, sort of) blows my mind.

Tau’s teachers have tried to catch “cha cha” on camera for us a couple times but no luck. As soon as the boy sees the camera, he loses interest. The one clip we did get included a couple of the other kids and I don’t feel cool posting movies of other peoples’ kids without their permission.

Yesterday evening, after a very short (45 min.) nap, which came after a very long afternoon of trying to coax him to sleep (just too hot in our place), he asked Dave for music to “dahse.” Since the laptop was on, Dave fired up Cha-Cha Slide on YouTube.

Apologies for the bad light and quality of the clip. And the wobbles and general goofiness are due to the fact that he’d just woken up, still tired, after resisting sleep all afternoon!

Yes, he does get lots of “good” music at home too — whatever that is! One of the new favorite words is “jazz.”


7 responses to “Two Right Feet

  1. He’ll certainly grow up with a love for exercise and music — which is fantastic! So great!

  2. He dances just like daddy!

  3. speechless … i feel the total urge to step up Julius’ dance program … Tau has rythm already and follows dance instructions .. awsome !!!

  4. Oh bless him!! Look at the concentration on that little face!! Reminds me of another little dancer I knew long ago.

  5. aaah hahaha! love this :) Very, very serious mover you have there!

  6. Too cute! He is a natural!!

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