Gifting Prowess


Album Cover for Angelique Kidjo’s Djin Djin

We are not that big on lavish birthday gifts and such. Tend to buy what we need as we need it. And we both hate getting gifts that are not quite right or, worse yet, downright awful. Money and gift certificates are our best thing.

So a week or two ago I said to Dave, “Haven’t got anything for your birthday yet. Is there something you’re crying on your pillow over?”

My ever-so-subtle way of digging for suggestions.

“Not really. Let me think about it.”

My hit birthday gifts to Dave have been few and far between. There was the set of binoculars I gave him on the ferry over to Vancouver on our way to see Peter Gabriel years back. Right before a large pod of Orcas swam by in the distance. Winner gift-buying wife that day.

So hours before his birthday I’m in Starbucks and I see a promo poster for the new Angelique Kidjo CD*.

“Do you have that in stock?” I ask the barrista.

“Uh, no. We’re sold out.”

No sorry, nothing.

“Are you … getting more in?”

“Uh, no.”

Lucky for me the Starbucks location on my way home had it. And it’s beautiful. African-diva-velvet-that-subtly-envelopes-the-world beautiful.

I could regale you with a detailed review of each song on this collaboration album but your eyes would probably glaze over and all you’d hear is: “Blah … blah … Peter Gabriel … amazing … Ziggy … blah-blah … Joss Stone and Santana … blah-di-blah … Branford Marsalis … you just gotta hear it …”

Just go and buy it or download it or whatever you do to get your tunes. You’ll thank me for it.

Dave did and he truly loves it. Once again, winner wife, even though he came back a couple days later and told me he’s thinking about getting a wine fridge for his birthday and when I realized how much they cost, I wished I’d bought him a couple pairs of cycling socks and declared it all good.

* The Amazon page above allows you to preview snippets of each song. My favorite is her acapella version of Ravel’s Bolero. Very reminiscent of Miriam Makeba’s voice only richer and more refined if that’s possible.


3 responses to “Gifting Prowess

  1. woo hoo. thanks. Just downloaded it.

  2. Liked Djin Djin but preferred Bebel Gilberto but then I’d never make a living as a music critic.

  3. I once bought a pair of cycling clips to attach to my husband’s birthday gift as a teaser. He liked the clips better than the gift itself!
    You obviously have better gift giving skills, or perhaps you know your’s better than I know mine.

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