Somebody Turned F#r*t^%y-One Yesterday

We won’t say who but here’s a hint …


I love the resemblance between this picture and this naughty one of Tau at about 10 months.

And here is the life-sized birthday card we made for him — note the outline of the little guy’s bod! Tau and his buddies at daycare decorated it with Crayola markers and a whole lot of frenetic toddler glee.


What did the birthday boy do on his day? He took the day off to do some chilling and cycling, and then last night we all went over to friends Gerhard and Evi’s for a wonderful dinner!


4 responses to “Somebody Turned F#r*t^%y-One Yesterday

  1. Isn’t it funny how adult birthdays are now all about letting us do whatever we want – ALONE!

    Happy birthday Dave!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave! I can’t think of a better way to spend your birthday than not working! :-)

  3. Perhaps the worlds greatest card!

  4. Happy Birthday Dave … what a great (big) birthday card !!!! .. my b’day ia always a few days after our son’s … so It kinda get lost … hitting the 4 – 0 this year .. yeah .. insurance will pay prostate exams now … the joys of getting old

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