A Night at the Music Awards … Or, Why I Look Nothing Like My Yahoo Avatar


So it seems picking away at my air guitar over here in my little corner of the Internet is paying off, because while I was out taking a bloggy vacation last week, Aimee over at the stunningly redesigned Greeblemonkey bestowed on me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award.

Ahem! (In my best California-Peace-Rocker Chick-ese)

“I’d like to thank my agent … and my mom and dad … and the fans … worldwide … and my wonderful support crew over at WordPress Studios. And of course my baby-child and my husband-and-partner-in-this-glorious-journey-called-life Dave, who gives me the daily strength to go on — LOVE YOU HONEY! Sniff! Excuse me — I don’t often break down like this. And who else? Oh! I should thank the critics, like The Bullog, who after a rocky start seems to be putting his blog to good journalistic use addressing pertinent topics instead of giving bloggers a hard time. This one’s for you, Mr. Bullard, and all the other newbies who stumble, fumbling and strumming their newly found Stratocasters into this fabulous arena. Consider yourself awarded with a Rockin’ Girl …”


Yes, I get to pass on this lovely award to others and since the bloggers I read are either way up there in the rarefied reaches of the blogosphere and therefore a bit above the grassrootsiness of this award or already recipients of a Rockin’ Girl, I’m going to tag some other folks you might not know.

I’d like to pass on the Rockin’ Girl to:

  • DaisyBones: Because I so appreciate her talent and the very different window she gives me on the world.
  • Jennifer: For being a kick*ss rockin’ girl in general. For getting out there and living and studying in another country even when it gets hard, and for knocking the skates off anyone who gets near her on the rink. This girl is not only quick on the ice, she is SMART … currently-writing-the-
    bar-exam smart. All the best for next week, Jen!
  • And sisters Tertia and Melanie: Tertia, who is pretty famous in the old country but who deserves all the street cred she can get for her gritty, funny, bare-it-all blog. And Mel who is new but has such a lovely, gentle spirit and deserves all the practical support she can get for her work with Bosom Buddies.
  • And last but by no means least, Declan: For being an all round wonderful guy to know, even though he is a bit of a lazy (did I say that out loud?) blogger. And for hiring me when I first came to the new country because I looked and sounded a bit like Olivia Newton John, and for helping me out several times since. Even though he technically isn’t a girl, he knows how to work a pole* better than anyone I know!

Pass on the awardy, linky love Ladies!

*Scoot down to the bottom of his post to see the famous pic.


7 responses to “A Night at the Music Awards … Or, Why I Look Nothing Like My Yahoo Avatar

  1. You’ve lost it.


    Work a pole… ;)


  2. Yay, a new blog to read. Funny, witty yay! ta so much for my lovely award. As a non singing no rhythym girl, this rocking chick award is much appreciated.

  3. Well, poop. I didn’t even comment to say thanks. Damn ungrateful Rockin’ Girl Bloggers… grumble grumble…


  4. And I really should start reading Declan, seeing as he has such a cool name and all.

  5. Thank you! What a great boost of confidence with only a few days left to go. :-)

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