Here Fishy Fishy!


On the morning of July 4th, Dave was busy cycling the Scripps Ranch Old Pros 50-mile road ride. By 9:30 a.m. the house was hot and getting hotter, so Tau and I headed out to Birch Aquarium at La Jolla for the first time.

What a fun morning! This small interpretive aquarium is perfect for toddlers. The Hall of Fishes is cool and dark, the walls of the luminous tanks wide and tall enough for Tau to stand tippy-toes and look in. He had an absolute blast running from tank to tank — “Mama, Mama! Fsses!” His favorites? The upside-down jellyfish!


The 70,000-gallon kelp forest tank at Birch Aquarium is pretty spectacular — a floor-to-ceiling undersea wonderland with a carpeted ledge kids can climb up on to get a better look. Here is a video of Tau pointing out the species in the kelp forest to some poor unsuspecting little girl.

The outdoor tide pools were a bit lost on him as he couldn’t really see what the guides were pointing out, so we headed back in and toured the fsses again and then went on to see the sea dragons and sharks. Here is an cute video of Tau checking out the shark tank

Before heading home, we had a picnic lunch together outside the aquarium. Highlight of the day was when a huge seagull landed on the table right next to us. Oh, and then the next highlight of the day (two mintues later) was when a paraglider swooped right over the aquarium turned and swooped the other way. What can I say? Having a kid teaches you to live in the moment!

As coincidence would have it, Tau came home this week with an “aquarium” he’d made at daycare — a Ziploc bag filled with blue hair gel (nice!) and all kinds of glittery foil shells and fishes.



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