Revenge of the Aloe

Dave here …


So Sue had been bugging me to cut the dead flower stalk off one of our aloes for some time. Didn’t bug me but the untidiness of it was getting to her, so last night after weeks of asking (begging … nagging?), she sauntered into the garage and came out with the shears. 

I’m in the kitchen and I hear snip, then “Hey! Help!”

The half-severed branch had hit Sue’s head and the dried flower husks stuck to her hair like velcro. Yes, the whole aloe plant was stuck to her head.

The more she called for help, the more I laughed and then ran for the camera! To make amends, I came home from my trip to the hardware store today with DQ Blizzards.

Note from Sue: Uh huh. The only picture he’s taken in the last ten years (I kid you not) is when my head is stuck to a plant. In my swimsuit. With hair scraggly from being in the pool. All sweaty and hot. Nice one, honey. The Oreo Blizzard did make up for it though. He knows how to get me. And by the way, the garden is his thing — dead aloe stalks aside, I don’t touch it.

In other news, we had a great weekend. H-O-T here — upper 80s F (30 C) today. We went to the pool three times this weekend, Tau overcame his beginning-of-summer “what the heck is this pool thing?” fear, and we had a picnic dinner tonight on Moonlight Beach. Yay! Summer is here!


6 responses to “Revenge of the Aloe

  1. ha! Bryan would have done the same thing!

    On a less-light note, we finally watched Blood Diamond the other night. Amazing.

  2. P.S. I can’t remember, did you give Leo’s accent a thumbs up or down? It sounded pretty good to me.

  3. I think Leo’s accent was pretty good. Search “bling” in the sideblog to get the post.

    Oh, and you know what my husband says as he’s taking the picture? “This is definitely bloggable!” Nice, huh?

  4. It was the Gods of Husband Karma getting back at you for nagging for WEEKS (unless of course Dave was embelishing a bit with that estimation)!

    Maybe you should have sent Tau out there. He looks like he’d be into it from the pics below!

  5. Dave, embellish? Never!

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