All 324 of Our Oregon Vacation Pics


The beach at Manzanita looking North

Just kidding! Wouldn’t put you through that and I doubt anyone’s interested in a blow-by-blow of our week away.

But I did want to add a link to a small set on Flickr and give you a few short takes on our time on the Oregon coast.

Note: If you view the Flickr pics as a slideshow, click the [i] to see descriptions. Can you tell I write user manuals for a living?

And please pardon the lazy bullets. It’s been a brain-frazzly week.

  • McMenamin’s Kennedy School Hotel (Portland) — So unbelievably cool! I added a few of pictures of our room and the hallways to the Flickr set but please also check out their web site. Beer and pizza in their movie theater and the kids are allowed? Woo-hoo! And about that lovely reflection pool? Tau started backtreading as soon as he got near it: “All done … no-no! … Waaaaah!” No amount of coaxing would stop him crying so we had to leave. Of course, once he spotted kids swimming in the pool through the window across the hallway from our room, it was all, “Pool … pool … Mama! POOL!” And pulling our sleeves to go back.
  • Mish Mash — The house we rented a couple blocks away from Manzanita Beach with Dave’s brother Stu, his wife Kristi, nephew Kai, and Dave’s Mom and Dad. Mish Mash had everything we needed including beautiful views, a big garden for the kids to run (well, actually, more like ride … on Nanny’s back) and a great comfy kitchen and fireplace. Thanks to Stu and Kristi for organizing and bringing all the kid gear we couldn’t fit in our luggage: booster seat, Pack ‘n Play, rain gear, gumboots, kites, and lots and lots of fleece!


Mish Mash, Manzanita, OR 

  • Time and space — This is what I love about a vacation with no agendas. Most days we had a late breakfast, went for a walk to the beach or into the village for a coffee, ate lunch, napped, cooked dinner, sat by the fire and then crashed around 9:30. And most afternoons, I went up to “nap” with Tau. In truth, I lay on our bed watching the waves crashing on the beach or reading a book. Yes, I read a book, with printed words and a cover and everything! A travel memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert called Eat, Pray, Love. Highly recommended.
  • Cuzzling rivalry — Lets just say that the boys were not too keen on sharing. Not one bit. Which lead to a fair bit of squabbling and, “I don’t want him to” from Kai and “No, NOOOO! MINE!” from Tau. But of course the minute they were out of each other’s sight …. “Kai? Kai? Dad-dee … Kai?” and “Uncle Dave, where Baby Tau?”
  • Hanging out — Dave and Stu took off winetasting in the Willamette Valley all of Tuesday, just the two of them, which was great because they don’t often get that kind of time together. Which is a shame because they are close. That day, Kristi and I took the boys to the beach. It was the one truly warm, sunny day we had and Tau and Kai had a ridiculously happy time in the “river” at the top of the beach. Tau stood in the freezing cold water for 45 minutes and threw rocks. Ecstatic.
  • Celebrating — Kai’s third birthday back on June 1 and Tau’s upcoming second this October. Grandad hung balloons, Kristi made a cake and the boys blew candles … and vied for who got ownership of the orange and the pink and the green balloon.
  • Did I mention all the time and space? — Time for early morning yoga at the community center in nearby Nehalem. Slow, stretchy asanas and gentle light filtering in through the tall windows. And on the Wednesday, a delicious hour-long sea-salt scrub and massage with green tea and mint. Double AH!
  • And finally, lovely walks on the beach — because what’s a week spent on the Oregon coast without long walks on the beach, all bundled up cosy?


Snug as a bug! 

Now go and look at all those pics!


2 responses to “All 324 of Our Oregon Vacation Pics

  1. Your pictures are beautiful!!

    I love the pacific northwest >> if only I could handle the bone chilling cold!!

  2. When I was a kid my extended family all used to vacation together at Mish Mash every year (in the 1980’s!) and I’m sure this is it! I stumbled across your blog looking for contact info. on the property so I could take my family there again now that I’m an adult. We have so many great memories there. Please, would you mind sending me some contact information for Mish Mash?

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