Wish You Were There

Just back from a week on the Oregon coast.

You know you’re in Portland when …
Dashing from awning to awning in a downpour, you see a sign in a store window advertising their Birkenstock repair service.

You know you’re in the tiny beach community of Manzanita when …
Locals rolling up their mats at the end of yoga class chide their neighbor Bill for burning without a permit and bringing out the whole darn fire department.

You know you’re in transit in San Francisco when …
The heavily accented software engineer sitting across from you at the departure gate is discussing the philosophy of search algorithms and it sounds like poetry.

And you know you’ve landed back in San Diego late at night when …
You see girls pritzing along with their purse dogs, wearing halter tops designed to show off tattoos on the smalls of their backs.

We had a grand time at the beach with the family. Very relaxing. Stories and pictures to follow!


3 responses to “Wish You Were There

  1. Loved those summaries … they really gave me a good laugh, and they’re so true!

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