Slave to Fashion


I eye Crocs every time I go grocery shopping — there’s a big old display of them at our local Henry’s Marketplace. I love the fun colors and the airy feel of them but when I come to try them on, I can’t bring myself to buy a pair. They just look so chunky-clunky.

We’re going away for a couple days soon and Tau could really do with a pair of beach-slash-garden shoes. Yay Crocs! So I brought a pair home today. Actually, they’re not Crocs; these are made by Skechers. Same diffs. He loves them!




7 responses to “Slave to Fashion

  1. They look fancy. May I ask how much they were? Ever since we bought our crocs back in South Afrika I have been aware of the many cheap chinese knock-offs you can now get at supermarkets for like 10$ … the sketchers though look like another good quality product. Cheers

  2. Wow, Tau’s getting so big! I love those Crocs too but haven’t given in and bought some yet.

    Maybe after the bar exam is over we can get together and catch up. :-)

    Cheers to all of you,

  3. Crocs are a Colorado company, so I had to go for the originals… but they are SO great for summer! Yay Tau!

  4. I am LOVING those crocs! I have to say, with guilt, that I bought myself a pair before I splurged on the children. I am a proud owner of the newer “Mary Jane” crocs… so cute!
    Tau looks so beachy AND proud of his new shoes…

  5. Crocs do look cool … but before we went to Tortola last Christmas I bought myself what are turning out to be the most versatile shoe I’ve ever owned: Keen Newport sandals. They are water-friendly, with a covered toe, and sturdy sole for hiking. I got the leather ones so can even get away with wearing them with a sporty skirt (ok, I know that’s pushing it). I was so excited to see in an REI catalog the other day that the fabric version comes in infant sizes!

  6. Hyper has a big display too … but I think they are of the cheap knock-off variety. I’ve also been eyeing them … but I think it would be too much like “mutton done up as lamb.”

  7. Tried another pair on today when I went shopping. Nope. Not going to buy them. I think it’s because my feet are so wide and they make them look even wider. That and the fact that they gape. Don’t fit properly. Not for me, unless I find a pair that fits better.

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