Not Another Connor or Jaiden

There are approximately 301,765,999 people in the US.
How many have your name?

To find out, visit How Many of Me?

Apparently there are 395 people in the US walking around with
my first and last name. Dave is more common —
1,180 of him.

Our son? Not so many.


I guess that’s what you get for crossing a
Tswana/Sesotho first name with an Irish surname.


5 responses to “Not Another Connor or Jaiden

  1. fun excersize … turns out, our last name is utterly unknown in that database :D

  2. According to this, Declan does not exist either! :)

  3. There is only one of me somewhere in the USA

  4. Wonder where the data comes from … I know for a fact there are more than 0 “Gallistels” in this country … :)

  5. Yeah. I wondered that myself.

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