Daycare Disposables

Recently we were asked to send along a disposable camera to daycare so that teachers could snap pics of Tau as he goes about his daily business.

I’ve posted a few of them on Flickr. Unfortunately none with his classmates — too much schlep to ask the parents’ permission.

Picture resolution is not so great but the little guy is captivating as always (‘cept for the doff expression on the one taken with his teachers).



3 responses to “Daycare Disposables

  1. This is such a great initiative !!! .. instead of a disposable I would try to find one of these really cheap digi ones .. those without LCD screen in the back and low res .. should be available for cheap .. and yes .. i can see the issue over having other kids in the pic .. it is a shame where we have come to ..

    I heard about daycare / kindergartens that actually have webcams so that parents can see what is going on all day if they want .. but i think that is a bag full of issues too … (how would we have felt as kids if we had known our parents can watch is any time??)

  2. Yes, one daycare we looked at had webcams. I thought it was kinda creepy.

  3. THAT is a GREAT idea!!!! (the disposable cameras, not the webcam – ICK). I may need to make a suggestion to Declan’s teachers!!!

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