Because She Doesn’t Care to Mince Words

This past Saturday, Democratic presidential candidates visited our fair city.

Hillary Clinton speaking on the current administration:

“Let me be very clear about what happened: The president took us to a pre-emptive war of his choosing based on his assessment of faulty evidence and trumped-up facts. He ignored the warnings of senior military advisers and he retaliated against those who tried to stop it. And once he got the authority to put inspectors back into Iraq, he ignored their findings. And it is something that will stand in American history as one of the darkest blots of leadership we’ve ever had.”


3 responses to “Because She Doesn’t Care to Mince Words

  1. You and me both. S.

  2. Hello, you should hear the conversations about the Beltway Band of Merry Men that go on in our house! Unbelievable. But we’ve survived this long and none of the current band of hopefuls strikes me as nearly as stupid or obstinant. One can only hope.

    I am graduating from law school on May 18th. Happy days! What a journey of humility and self-awareness this has been for me.

    I got your sweet note a while back and sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I love the work you have done on this blog. And Tau is really a little cutie.

    My best,

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