Silly Saturday: Photography 101


Goofing off, snapping pictures of Tau playing in the living room this afternoon.

This past week, each child took their own disposable camera into daycare so that the teachers could take pictures of the kids doing various activities.

Of course he is now very interested in the whole concept. So we sat in front of the mirror and took pictures together. Then turned and took more of the armchair on the other side of the lounge.

And I thought I was a shaky photographer!


Sue’s picture


Tau’s picture


3 responses to “Silly Saturday: Photography 101

  1. I actually dig Tau’s pic! Very abstract!

  2. You don’t want a comment on the post above but I am a rulebreaker. ;) Bryan and I have VERY scarily similar email exchanges. The only thing that is different is that our offices are about 15 steps away from each other.

    Hope Tau is better soon.

  3. My Grandson is a genius!!
    But then…look at the stock!

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