Photo Friday – What a Mess!

How ironic. It’s Photo Friday at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and the theme is “Messes.”

The irony is that there’s a big old MESS on the WordPress server today. All graphics are DOWN! See, no header image on the top of this page and all my images in past posts are missing!

Never mind, they fixed it. Love the hardworking folks at WordPress!

So here is a link to Chili and Cornbread Face on our Flickr account. It’s one of my favorite pictures of Tau, taken about eight months ago at daycare. I’ll add the picture here when WordPress fixes the problem.

And here it is folks:


Chili and Cornbread Face


9 responses to “Photo Friday – What a Mess!

  1. ACK! LOL. That’s a mess. Tau’s a cutie. :-)

  2. Awe, he is just adorable!

  3. oh that’s fabulous! hahah!

  4. Aww… gotta love those faces. He looked like he had the most fun ever. Too cute!

  5. What a mess surrounding those beautiful eyes!!

  6. It’s so amazing how they can look SO icky sometimes…yet still are cute enough that you want to kiss them on their fluffy little heads, mess or no mess.
    His eyes ARE gorgeous.

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