Double Letter Score


Fifty nine words learned so far. Not perfectly enunciated mind you — you have to be one of the parents to get a couple of them. But they’re real words, said in context with meaning and often a fair bit of volume.

airplane, all done!, apple, B (the letter), baby, ball, banana, bear, beep, bellybutton, bird, Big Bird, book, bye, car, cookie, cheese, cow, cracker, daddy, diaper, dig, do, dog, down, ear, eat, Elmo, eyes, hello, juice, me, milk, MINE!, mommy, moo (the cow noise), moo (movie), moo (music), moon, more, no, nose, one, pig, poo, raaaah! (lion noise), shoes, socks, spoon, Tau, teeth, this, ting!, two, uh-oh!, up, whoa!, woof-woof, yay!

We’ll keep adding to the list.


One response to “Double Letter Score

  1. Its great when they hit that speedy learning age. Every thing just gets sucked into those little brains. Just watch those P’s and Q’s. I don’t think you want to add that type of word to the list. Triston heard the word the “KAK” – don’t know if you know the meaning (shit) and for 2 weeks we couldn’t get him to stop saying it!

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