Spring-Chickening Forward


We’re so ready for Spring!*

Starting this year, Daylight Saving Time starts three weeks earlier and ends one week later.

That means we’ll be setting our clocks forward an hour this Saturday night and getting less sleep. So what else is new?

 * Way back, when Mister Kapister was barely a gleam in his dad’s or mom’s eye, Granny Di threw this KFC freebie into a parcel she mailed us. We added it to the box of toys we kept under the sofa for visiting kids.

Recently discovered by Tau: “Do? Do kaah? … Ma … kaah? DO!?” His fingers are not strong enough to press the red button that sends the chicken racer through the loop. So we “do” car together.


2 responses to “Spring-Chickening Forward

  1. I can’t believe you still have one of those in working condition!! The one in the toy box in my lounge, after Mitch, Jaimey, Sarah and Andrew have had a go at it, is severely “structurally challenged”!!!
    Enjoy “Doing kaah, Ma!!”

  2. I never could figgure out the Day Light Savings thing? thank god all our watches stay just as they are, knowing me i would forget to do it and be way behind the rest of the world

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