Learning Another Language


We have a couple of friends that are pregnant who, like ourselves, are damn furriners.

Says one of the husbands in passing the other day, “We even have one of those cots that start with a G.”

I thought that was kinda cute considering that in a year’s time he will probably know more than he cares to admit about the virtues and shortcomings of every item of baby gear on the market — not to mention exactly how to press that very awkward button just so to collapse his Graco Pack ‘n Play.

Which got me thinking on how we learn to talk about babies as new parents who were raised in another country.

Sue, some time back now, staring at the daily daycare report: What’s a binky? 
Daycare teacher: Binky?
Sue: It says here, “Tau’s binky…” Oh … oh! Soother.
Daycare teacher: What’s a soother?

This is what you get for living in Canada for twelve years and then moving to yet another country.

Sue: A binky. A soother. Mn … pacifier?

She gives me the look of sympathy, as if she knows the sleep deprivation is talking again.

Daycare teacher: Soother?!
Sue to self, too polite to yell out loud: Honey … you’re lucky I didn’t drop dummy on you! You would have had NO clue!


9 responses to “Learning Another Language

  1. never heard ‘binky’ before … soother neither, but that I was able to guess. I actually found that the first few words of Italian I learnt were all baby related … came in very handy. Now I can asked the kindergarten teachers if Julius had a good poo :)

  2. We said Binky or Paci if it makes you feel any better. :)

  3. If you HAD mentioned “dummy”…the poor girl would have thought you were insinuating that she was stupid!!!..I think lose the D-word

  4. I’ve heard Binky, Pacy, Pacifier, BooBoo, Plug…but when my son picked one up and started the habit, for some reason he decided to call it a “Goober”.

    Ummm, Yah!

    So through three of the four kids (one sucked her thumb) we have had “Goobers” at our house.

    You’re right…it’s a language all it’s own. :D
    Here from CHBM carnival.

  5. LOL!

    I’ve never really thought about what it must be like to have a child in daycare in a foreign country.

    Of course, The South is a foreign country with a foreign language too. :-)

  6. We always said “binkie” and I’m from California!

  7. i use “prop” it means plug, but we sould realy use one common word for all you miss placed moms. but all over the world all bay related items have odd names… nappy, diper and so on.

  8. my son called it his “tootchie” god knows where that came from. He had “hard tootchie” and “soft tootchie” (very broken in, used to rub bridge of nose). very difficult to lose a “soft tootchie” as there is no fast way to break it in. He had them 4 years and probably still would now (age 21) if not for peer pressure.

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