Budding Geek


At the computer last week with a sick boy on my lap. Fielding work email on one half of the screen and Tau is watching Norah Jones’ Sunrise video on the other.

I double-click a new message and it opens maximized, part-covering Norah and her band.

He lurches forward — “Oh!” then turns to me, “Peek-a-boo?”

Sigh. Resize the window.


2 responses to “Budding Geek

  1. Bless his heart….a chip off the old block??

  2. Time for a second screen? Or his own computer :) I wonder when we will see toddler proof laptops out there .. soon I guess .. a friend just told me that her nearly 3 year old has figured out the track pad and can play kids’ computer games by himself .. scary … Thanks for making me aware of that nice video / song .. never heard of her before … from the looks she could be Christina Ricci’s sister or cousin :)

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